Privacy Policy

Privacy of our customers is our priority, which is why we strive to protect it. Below you will find a description of the use of personal and financial information of our clients. Please note that by placing your order with us you agree to the terms and conditions stated below.  

Use Of Collected Personal Information

We do not share, disclose or sell personal information of our clients to any third party. Personal information requested for placing the order, includes full name of the client, contact information and billing details. We use this information to answer your inquiries, provide you with the services you order and complete the designs you order. If you place your order with us and provide the above mentioned details, you automatically consent with the rule of personal information policy.

Use Of Non-Personal Information

Please be aware that in order to improve our services and provide you with the best services we can, we collect non personal information from your browser, which includes the page you request, your IP address and cookie. We may or may not use this information for customization of designs and services that you order on our web site to complete your order and use data for the statistics of our web site.

Data Security

All the necessary security measures are in place to protect your personal details. You can be sure that your personal and Credit Card information will not be stolen, hacked into or sold to any third party. The privacy of our customers is our priority and we take it very seriously. At, we take our customer’s security and privacy seriously. Sensitive information of all our customers is protected by SSL encryption, which ensures confidentiality.

Privacy Policy Updates

Please note that it is vital to review from time to time the updates and changes in privacy policy. By placing on order with us or requesting services you automatically consent to the above mentioned conditions.